Is governance slowing your digital transformation?

Digital transformation strives to continuously deliver value to customers.

IT change governance often disrupts the flow of value creation.

We help you to remove the turbulence.

Continuous Governance

The standard mechanism for governing IT change holds back organisations with bureaucratic processes that are incompatible with continuous delivery. Digital enterprises need to remove the waste, delay, and risk within their IT change management process.

Governance procedures are, however, essential. An enterprise's survival rests on its ability to identify and control operational risks. Digital enterprises must control the many operational risks related to IT change.

Continuous Governance avoids this, possibly fatal, conflict.

The conflict stems from slow bureaucratic mechanisms of assurance, not the underlying policy itself. Continuous Governance introduces codified policy and automated assurance to facilitate an efficient flow of delivery while appropriately managing the risk.

In this way governance becomes a leading force that propels the digitial transformation towards success.

Lower cost. Faster to market. Less risk

Agile software development delivers quick and better solutions with less waste than historic approaches.

Dev-Ops and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) creates more reliable, more scalable, and more efficient services than historic approaches.

Lean innovation hones in on value-creating opportunities while faster and with less investment than historic approaches.

These foundations of digital transformation share a theme: embrace automation, optimise for learning, minimise waste and limit the cost of mistakes. Continuous Governance applies this theme to the challenge of IT change governance.

Key Outcomes

Continuous Governance provides:

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