Struggling to answer?

  • What’s my Customer Acquisition Cost?
  • What’s my customer Life Time Value?
  • What’s my ROI for this campaign?
  • Should I improve CAC by χ% or MRR by γ%?
  • Can I afford to spend more on support?
  • Can I afford not to spend on marketing?

Vitals can help you

Vitals understands how both money and customers flow through your business. By combining these two areas Vitals make answering those questions simple. Vitals achieves this by integrating with the systems you already have and dissects this data using unit economics to make insights easy.

Its disciplined approach of only focusing on metrics that show the health of your business allows it to cut the noise so you can get to the insight you need, fast. This allows everyone within your company to focus on the same goals and speak to each other in the same language.

Can't I do this already?

In short, no. There are platforms that allow you to track anything. These fall short because they:


We aim to be more cost effective than consultancy, building a data team, or using your own in-house development resource.

For our concierge programme our pricing is based on how complex it is to integrate and maintain Vitals within your business.

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