The Ruby Book Club Podcast

Mar 31, 2016 — Nadia Odunayo

Last year, at RubyConf 2015, I found myself chatting to Saron Yitbarek for a good long time. We’d both been in a great talk by the wonderful Andy Croll , and whilst everyone had headed off to grab lunch, we stayed in the room talking about everything from interactive storytelling to doughnuts.

There were a couple of common things that sprung up during the course of the conversation:

  • we had both enrolled into coding bootcamps in September 2013 and so were still relatively junior in the field
  • we had both started roles that threatened to take us away from actively developing our programming skills
  • we both loved reading and book clubs and study groups
  • we had both wanted to read Avdi Grimm’s ‘Confident Ruby’ for a long time

And so the conversation went like this:

Nadia: Wanna start a Ruby Book Club with me?

Saron: Sure. Wanna make it into a podcast?

Nadia: Sure.

And thus the Ruby Book Club was born.

Want to join our book club?

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